Nathalie Devriendt

Biomass & Energy expert

With her consultancy firm ‘In den Roden Schilt consulting’, Nathalie works towards a sustainable future using biomass (residual) flows. Nathalie combines her technical, economic and policy expertise to turn innovative ideas into feasible projects.

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Nathalie has been active in the biomass world since 2001. She has closely followed and co-directed the evolutions in the use of biomass:

  • From bioenergy to biobased chemistry and biomaterials
  • From linear to circular use of biomass
  •  From import biomass to local use of biomass

In guiding biomass projects, Nathalie will always seek the balance between what is already possible today and in what direction it will evaluate in the future. So, current projects using biomass will always look beyond energy generation. Recently, Nathalie has extended her expertise from biomass to energy, to its use in chemistry but also as feedstock for new bio-based materials.

Where needed, Nathalie combines her expertise with other experts from her broad network.

Bio-enthusiasm for your project

About Nathalie

Nathalie Devriendt graduated in 2001 as Master in Bio-engineering at the KULeuven. Her first work experience in biomass was as an engineer at ‘Seghers Solids and Air’, a constructor of bio-energy installations. From 2002 to 2016 she worked as a researcher and later as a project manager on biomass at Vito.

Since 2017 Nathalie is active as an independent consultant.

Since 2018, Nathalie is also part-time active at ProNatura to look for innovative solutions for the green waste generated by green landscaping and green maintenance.


Kwantificering van biomassa

juni 2022

Research about the value of biomass taken from the landscape together with IDEA Consult

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2008- present

Biomass as a source of energy in CHP

Since 2008, Nathalie has been chairing the working group on bio-CHP within Cogen Flanders.

During the annual CHP training, Nathalie takes the part ‘Biomass as energy source in a CHP‘ for her account.

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juni 2019

Natural fibres as a basis for new biomaterials.

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2018 – present

Cicrular project ‘From green waste to raw material’

Within the Flanders Circular project ‘From green waste to raw material’ (2018-2019), Nathalie searched for possibilities to use green waste streams in new bio-based materials for ProNatura.


“Don’t gum up the GON-teacher”.

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Kwantificering van biomassa


Quantification of biomass

Study to quantify the biomass produced and imported into the territory of the Belgian kingdom for the production of energy and industrial products

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Kwantificering van biomassa


Flanders already combusting manure and sludge

Press, De Standaard 18/2/2005: Flanders is already combusting manure and sludge.

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Jan 20, 2022

Green waste = raw material

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December 2018

Lecture OVAM: ‘From invasive to decorative’.

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June 2019

Working towards a biobased economy

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Turning green waste into raw material for new materials

Symbiosis pays off: “Turning green waste into raw materials for new materials”, June 2020.
“As a social economy company, Pro Natura dries and refines its green waste (grass, Japanese knotweed, reed, etc.) into raw materials for new materials. Thanks to the symbiosis platform, we come into contact with companies that dare to think outside the box and start working with our natural fibres.” says Nathalie Devriendt of Pro Natura.

Kwantificering van biomassa


The biomethane potential for Flanders

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April 2010 - June 2013

Energy Conversion Park

Interreg project Energy Conversion Park (ECP): Feasibility study for pre-fermentation of vegetable-fruit and greenwaste in Beerse-Merksplas at the intermunicipality IOK in 2010.

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Biofuels situation report

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February 2019

Lecture: ‘Together with IOK form green idea to green gas’

Accompanying IOK for the injection of green gas from cleaned biogas into the natural gas network, the first in Belgium.

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April 2017

Potential of biomass in 2030 for bioenergy

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De uitdagingen voor biomethaan


The challenges for biomethane (Milieudirect, 2014)

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Grassification Interreg project

In this Interreg project, the conversion of roadside clippings to materials is being tested (2018-2021). The adaptation of cutting protocols, the pretreatment of the grass clippings and the reprocessing into high-quality fibres will be supervised by Nathalie.

Since 2008, Nathalie has been chairing the working group on bio-CHP within Cogen Flanders.
During the annual CHP training, Nathalie takes care of the part ‘Biomass as energy source in a CHP’.

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March 2013

Sustainable use of biomass

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Milieu rapport Mira Achtergrond rapport Energie 2010


Environmental report Mira : Background report Energy 2010

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Co-Author bio-energy chapter: Energy pocketbook


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