‘In den Roden Schilt consulting’, is working towards a sustainable future with renewable energy. Nathalie Devriendt combines her expertise within a network of sustainable energy experts.

Nathalie Devriendt can help you with solutions concerning:

  • renewable energy more specific bioenergy
  • policy advice
  • renewable electricity certificates and combined heat and power (CHP) certificates
  • energy and innovation
  • environmental permits

In den Roden Schilt consulting will support from first idea, preliminary advice till full project support and project coordination.  We guide your business to a sustainable solution. Nathalie also lectures and provides courses regarding biomass and bioenergy.

Nathalie has 16 years of expertise in the subject of biomass and bioenergy. She graduaded in 2001 as Master in the Bio-ingeneers sciences at the KULeuven. Her first job within the world of biomass was as a proposal engineer for the private company Seghers Solids+Air, specialised in turn key construction of bio-energy and waste-to-energy installations.  From 2002 till 2016 Nathalie was project manager biomass at Vito (Flemisch Technology Research Institute). Her research towards optimal valorisation of biomass, possible solutions for emission control for biomas conversion technologies, support mechanisms for renewable energy has provided her with an in-depth insight in the possibilities of biomass for energy. Recent focus of het research was towards a sustainable and cascading use of biomass in a biobased economy and the use of biomass within new value chains.

Nathalie acquired important expertise in the biomass subject during her research within European and international projects (Biomass Policies, S2Biom, BioSustain, Biotrade2020+, Energie Conversie Park, BioBench, Deforestation study, Biofuel Cities, BAPDriver Refund+, Biomass Partnership, IEA Bioenergy Task 40) and also in performing studies for national, regional and local governements (OVAM, FOD Leefmilieu, VEA, provincies).  Since 2008 she is president of the Flemish bio-CHP platform.

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